Avançar para o conteúdo


The contact for Idalina, residing near Aboboda in Cascais city, 20 Km west of the city of Lisbon, Portugal was received by our managing director and colleague, Mr. Trindade, which in turn called me to interview “ a special lady” according to him, he also advised me that “you will get spine chills”.

The “Mother”

Idalina has been receiving the visit of several entities but lately it has been regular the visit of a female entity who she calls affectionately of “Mother” and according to the words of the same “Mother” she is known as mother of Jesus, Virgin Mary, Iemanja, Maitreya, Kuan Yin and other names as well”.

To Idalina, the lady we were interviewing, the entity that appeared to her during the early hours of the morning in her house, looked like a perfectly normal girl, a young lady with mulatto skin which was uncontrollably sad crying large painful tears which marked her face, her left hand put on her head with a despair and “lose heart” look.
This apparition of the “Mulatto Lady” happened on the 21st of January 2009 at 03:25 min. Idalina, stated that it was not anyone known to her or anything physical, “it was something extraordinary, well advanced spiritually”.

In terrestrial terms, the looks of the “Lady” is of someone around 18 – 20 year old, with clothing similar to the current girls dressing, light grayish blue, nothing covering her hair, that is without the traditional “Veil” that is normally seen in “Marian Apparitions”

The mulatto Lady in despair.

She only saw the “Lady” from the waist up. The young mulatto “Lady” hair was tied in the back, she had what appeared to be acne marks on her face like teenagers, her skin color comparable to any person of African – European mix, similar to Cape Verde women without being black nor white but mulatto. It was a very beautiful Lady, appearing to be a normal young lady, Idalina felt that the despair look anguish that emanated from the Lady transmitted the pain of a mother that was unable to do nothing for her children because they could not hear her. It was as if she said – Look around, nobody does anything to alert and protect the people from these Atlantic coast areas (African & South American).

With her body, she illustrated how all are with their backs turned on each other. With her expression she showed that nobody helps them, nobody informs them, nobody worries, the human being keeps on being egoistic and concentrated on his own self. The Lady asked Idalina to “feel” this truth and to do something to help her fellow brethren. The messages that she has been receiving are each time more dramatically and intense in the urgency of being revealed, that is why Idalina decided to talk to us.

First Visit

Idalina received the first visit message that she can remember when she was 18 years old at which time someone explained to her that the “Marian Apparitions” are entities which can be considered extraterrestrial and through their manifestation come to announce the constant and effective presence of help and protection to human beings. Using the alerts in form of messages and apparitions, they seek to awaken the human being from the somnambulism that has hit them massively. They also announce they are evolved entities of light and love who have returned to Planet Earth to help us, for us to survive as a species as well as saving all of the life on our planet. They seek our help as well.
They always state that they come in peace, for love and sharing. In these messages that are being transmitted to Idalina they always state that there are things that must be done in order for the catastrophe to be attenuated.

Vision of the “Mother” in Malveira da Serra location

The first time Idalina Oliveira saw the Mother was in her former house in the Malveira da Serra region, Portugal. She had just arrived home with her family, at around 13 hours on December 27th 2005, a day of bright sunshine but yet cold. From a moment to another she saw in her living room, coming out of nowhere three entities, which she recognized as being first an Angel, the second the Holy Lady, and the third Jesus. All the entities could only be seen from waist up.
The angel spoke for a long time, after which Jesus spoke and again the Angel spoke while the Holy Lady and Jesus faded away in space. At that time, Idalina was so surprised and marveled with everything she saw that her only wish was to share that vision with her family.

She tried to rationalize the phenomenon and seek explanations for that apparent optical illusion in order to understand it when all of a sudden she realized that she was the only one seeing this apparition. She admits that given her enthusiasm and desire to share the Apparition, she was unable to hear the Message told by these messengers.

Later, on January, 22nd 2009, on yet another apparition, Jesus talked to her and explained what made him come to Idalina and repeated the Message which they had tried to pass on before.

How she is contacted

Idalina feels when they want to talk to her, they call her in several ways; with a pain in her body, noises, smells, a whisper, they wake her up using many ways.
In such times she talks a lot with the entities that make themselves present. Very often to make sure that these are no illusions created by her mind or simple coincidences, Idalina uses the Pendulum (radiesthesy) which she learnt how to use in her own way, including to ensure and rectify that she has understood the “Message” that she is required to transmit. Always using precaution not to betray herself or others.

Start and location of the Mega Tsunami
Probable dates: May to September 2009

Here starts the description of several events which can bring to the surface much social unrest and the loss of equilibrium of all Planet Earth, both at social level as well as geological, Political, economical and religious.
The images that are being shown to Idalina and the conversations that she maintains with several entities, specially with “the Mother” make her pass on to us a series of events not pleasant to our actual lifestyle.
Near the city of Cape Town, South Africa, most likely on Friday, 13 of June 2009, at the 33rd parallel South, something will cause the movement of tectonic plates in the Atlantic Ocean, in one of the faults on the Earth`s crust and a large magnitude earth quake will ensue, consequently mega waves will be formed.
Idalina feels that the origin of these cataclysms in the South Atlantic would be a consequence of some event that would take place on the South Pole. (Humans may try to use HAARP)

Volcanoes and Hurricanes

Large atmospheric storms such as tornados and hurricanes would be generated that together with the tidal waves would devastate a large part of all African coast, from South Africa to Morocco they will make a path of destruction on the littoral and coastal areas.

Cabo Verde Islands on the path of the Tidal Wave.

The gigantic Atlantic Tidal Wave will lose its strength before getting to Cabo Verde, however a Volcano will erupt most probably on the 14th of June 2009 on the Island of Santa Luzia, Cabo Verde which would make this wave regain strength and as such will move up and devastate the North African Coast.
Santa Luzia uninhabited now is therefore responsible for the increase in the Tidal Wave Power coming from the South given that its Volcano will be active and will spill its Lava in North and Westerly directions.

The Wave splits in two

This Tidal Wave coming from the South with renewed strength splits into two once it reaches the Canary Islands, Spain; One part of the wave will sweep the African coast in northerly direction and the other part of the mega wave will take an Easterly direction towards Madeira Island, Portugal. Funchal, the Capital city of Madeira Island will be strongly hit.

The waves will hit Madeira Is. maybe during the early morning of the 15th of June 2009. These dates are within the time frame period starting in May 2009 until September 2009 as announced by the Mother to Idalina Oliveira as probable dates. Taking into account the huge destructive force that will arrive to Madeira, Idalina does not know exactly which date the mega wave will start at in Cape Town, however she states that until the present time there is no change regarding the information given by the Mother for the said date. Since the waves will travel at speeds of hundreds of kilometers per hour, it will not be difficult to predict when all this will start.
The first impact zone for the Tidal Wave will be in the area of Santa Cruz city, Madeira Is. (where the only airport is located) which will be touched but not too much and starting from there it will sweep intensely all of the South and South West coast of the Island but it will not be felt in Paul do Mar and Ponta do Pargo towns.
This means that the littoral zone on the North of the Island is safer than the South zone but should nevertheless be avoided because of the strong winds and the probable raise of the water level. The most protected zones would be the Highlands, however one should take into account that the strong winds will also be very dangerous and destructive at times.
In what regards the Island of Porto Santo, Idalina sees that it will not be affected.
One of the safest zones in Madeira would be the Highland in Sao Vicente, the Encumeada, Serra de Agua and others such as Paul da Serra, Pico Ruivo, Pico do Areeiro among others.

Idalina alludes to one phrase uttered by The Mother: “Times will come that Madeira Island will be united with the American Continent” Maybe it is implicit here the rebirth of Atlántida ? It will not be in 2009 but in the future and after much deeper movements of the Earth´s crust.

Mediterranean will be hit

In the Gibraltar straight, the South Atlantic wave will lose its strength but the littoral coast of South of Portugal and Spain until Barcelona will be hit. In the north of Italy, near the Italian Tirol, a volcano will erupt and spill its lava mainly into the Adriatic Sea and some into the Mediterranean. The Lava streams will cause enormous waves in these locations and the Italian Coast will be much affected. San Marino will be one of the most affected locals by the Lava spills.
It will be at that time that the Vatican will be “closed”. Idalina states that when the Vatican is shown to her it is with a cross inclined to the right. The words spoken by the Mother are “and the Vatican will fall” Idalina does not know if the Vatican will fall because it would be robbed, abandoned or if by water flooding or lava spills.

Malta is already and would be still a powerful energetic barrier together with the Greek Islands which will unite both continents preventing the waves from making huge destruction to the Eastern Mediterranean regions.

The Tidal Wave Inversion towards the Brazilian Coast

After passing Madeira Island, the wave will invert its direction and will move again to the southern Atlantic but this time towards the America’s coast. It will start its devastation in the Brazilian coast from Belo Horizonte city latitude in the State of Espirito Santo Brazil. All this part of Brazilian coast will be hit very hard however the city of Sao Paulo will be spared. The sequence of this catastrophic event will end at parallel 28 South in the State of Santa Catarina, Brazil. Uruguay will not be much affected by this cataclysm.
In what regards Central America and the Northern part of the South American continent there is a lack of information that Idalina is unable to see because “Mother “has not yet explained.

Large Disaster in the Pacific

Something will happen in Japan and the Pacific Coast that will generate large waves which will sweep the Pacific Coasts hitting them hard. This also helps understanding one of the Mother statements that in Argentina, “The waves will sweep from Coast to Coast”. With these alterations taking place maybe the Falkland Islands will be connected to Argentina.

North of Europe

The wave that was about to hit hard Peniche Town in Portugal after hitting with not too much strength will flow back to the Sea in the direction of Azores Islands. According to Idalina, Azores Islands are protected by an energetically strong barrier, therefore the waves will turn in the direction of the Atlantic coast of France and England.
Because Ireland has a “Protection of light”, UK will have some protection as well. From La Mancha Channel onwards Idalina does not know yet the destruction that may be caused but there would be an attenuation factor given the light energy strength from Ireland.

Abnormal odors at home

Idalina Oliveira says that many times when she is at home and even when not at home, different smells like for example Old Spice perfume, Roses, Jasmine, Musk etc will fill the air. When we, (Luis and Trindade) were gathering material for this article at her house, at 22:25h, March 6th 2009 we felts a Jasmine smell filing the air. We asked if anyone around was wearing such perfume but all none were using.
Some clairvoyants state that sometimes inside their houses and on the exterior very nice smells are felt, more frequently the Jasmine smell.

Passage of an Era

According to Idalina, this catastrophe is a passage in the vibratory scale of the Earth, notwithstanding being destructive these events have as mission the passing of the energy of Jesus, the Son to the energy of the “Mother”, it is therefore a witness passage. (Passage of evidence)

Unidentified Object shaped as a drop

Idalina comments that on March 17th 2009 she saw a huge ball from a distance of an arm’s length, measuring around 15cm. Between 11 AM and 14 Hours, it was moving around the vertical of the city of Paço de Arcos, Portugal then to the Vertical of Carcavelos city, Portugal after it returned again to Paço de Arcos and it kept on moving like this for three hours.
The ball was golden, translucent and consistent, sometimes it modified its spiral form to another form that Idalina says it is similar to an inverted drop, it made her thing of a sugar drop as used in Baking.

After some minutes, the inverted drop returned to the spherical form. She noticed as well that the bottom part of the golden ball became more transparent when it was in the form of a drop. From the place of Idalina’s residence to Carcavelos and Paço de Arcos it is about 3.5 to 4 Kilometers straight line distance. On Sunday, March 8th 2009, I went to the Carcavelos Beach to see if I could find anyone that was around this place on Thursday between 11 and 14 Hours; I thought of life guards since they are always very alert, but since we are not in the summer season it was difficult to find someone that was there on that day an time. I managed to talk to Mr. João Conceção owner of a kiosk that sells ice cream.

Strange Noise

This small business owner who looked more than 60 years old told me that he opens up for business always around 14 Hours and was inside his Kiosk when all of a sudden he heard a huge thunder noise.

He was very surprised with such event and commented afterwards to a few persons who were seating by the stairs leading to the beach, that such noise was strong and abnormal given the fact that the sky was clean showing no signs of any thunderstorm at all.

In what regards seeing any object in the air, he stated that he did not see anything. I also spoke to taxi drivers in Oeiras and Pared cities and no one had noticed anything abnormal in the air.

Make pray groups and ask for thy brethren

Idalina says that Mother asked this: “have great faith and pray a lot asking protection for yourselves and for your own and do not forget to ask for thy brethren and never forget to ask protection for any living being”.

It is necessary a lot of prayer asking help for others. Idalina states as well that the other entity, Jesus has told her “the hand of the Father is on the head of the one who have faith”. It is therefore necessary to create a large energy current giving to our brothers with prayers and requests. There is a saying that says ”ask for others and a little bit will come to you”

The people of no faith will not be able to create the said energetic wave that can attenuate this cataclysm.
People shall and must make energy currents of light to the divine manifestations and ask protection. Jesus explained that for instance the “Marian Apparitions”, the holy Lady of Conceição, Holy Lady of Carmo, Holy Lady of Fatima are manifestations of God Mother, of its essential purifying energy. The Saints are manifestations of the Son´s Energy – the equilibrium; The Angels and Archangels are manifestations of God the Father – The Creator; The Plants , The Animals, The Stones, The Wind etc are manifestations of the Holy Spirit energy – The Unifier.

Idalina comments that she talks a lot with “Mother” and knows that there are more people receiving information on future cataclysms as well, either in dreams, visions, apparitions and other transmission media.

For the ones who cannot imagine what is a Holy Lady, Idalina states that the new Mother images has three ruby colored roses, a lot of white light around her body, has as well an intense brilliant gold light inside a light oval shaped triangle. In the apex of this triangle with the base up there is a dolphin which presents to itself half of a side of the triangle half of other.
All these elements represent the four manifestations of the absolute Divine energy of the New Era, which is the union of the Divine Trinity with the Mother, recognized, blessed and presented to the new world by Jesus, as it is necessary “three plus one equals four” in other words the Divine Will of the third secret form Fatima.(Holy Lady of Fatima apparitions).

People have four eyes, two are normal and the third vision, but we also have the fourth vision which is the Thymus Gland on the chest. The eye of the heart is the eye of Thymus.

Religions are all the same independently of their names.

According t Mother “ it is urgent and imperative that all people from the Planet Earth be united no matter what religion they follow , color of skin or nationality because if unity is not achieved what will come next time you will not be able to understand if this is against you such cataclysm. If there is no urgent unity on Earth, the coming God or extra terrestrials will be perceived by you as a bad thing since we cannot understand each other let alone some entities coming from outside.

Understanding ourselves first in order to understand the extra terrestrials For example me being a simple human being says Idalina, if I do not like Black, if I did not like Buddhists, if I do not liked this or that, if I was a person with a lot of prejudice, If I would not see anything else but work and money. If I did not like my neighbor , if I didn’t care about my neighbor, when these extraterrestrial entities come from such a far away space to talk to me , I will find it completely unusual and strange to me. Then, I will fear them and think they will come to hurt me.

With such conditioning inculcated in my mind I would be going to retaliate and instead of trying to understand the extraterrestrial being that comes from the space, will not listen to him and will not even realize what they want to transmit us, we will not see that they do not come for evil but yes for good .

They will come to help us

Idalina understood that at the same time that these cataclysms will be going to appear on Earth, we humans will begin to have contact with extraterrestrial beings which come to help us and we will have to change quickly our xenophobic way of thinking and understand that the ones who come from the outside may have the capacity to help us.

They have been here before

Those that come to help could have been of this planet before and Idalina tells the following ” They come for good reasons but since we humans are generally suspicious we clash therefore they will have to defend themselves. We need their help because our planet is a chaos. “
Idalina philosophizes that his interior tells her that beings that are still not known us will be returning to their planet since for thousands of years they were waiting for us to make progress. Madeira Is. Already started being protected

The Angels and the Archangels – The Father´s energy and the Marine Animals, the Holy Spirit Energy, are already in place to protect Madeira Is. “four rings will be formed around Madeira Island”. The Mother has sent the first ring, which supposedly is already forming an energy protection barrier and the Dolphins and Whales are already in place.

Dolphins and Whales

Mother has told Idalina “pay attention to the behavior of the animals (dolphins and whales) they are protecting Madeira, the first wave will hit this first link, the moment you cease to see them is because the waves are already on top of Madeira Is”.

Because Mother realized that the outside ring was too weak, She created three more rings. The second external protection ring or link is composed of Angels and Archangels and the light beings which is the Father’s energy. The third external ring is the Mother´s energy, comprised of the various Holy Ladies. The fourth and last ring that is above Madeira Is. or around the human beings is the Jesus ring, the ring of the Saints (all of the Saints that one has faith on) because the Jesus energy is the one close to the humans.

Idalina managed to contact people in Madeira Is. in February 2009 including fisherman, which have stated that they never saw so may Whales and Dolphins like lately.

Height that the waters will reach.

Mother recommends that from now on people begin to get ready to go to higher places. Idalina says that her house will not be hit but that she does not see part of the roof of the same, the roof will be pulled out by the cyclonic winds. Taken into account that she lives on 4th floor and the floor of that location is at around 122 meters above sea level then we may say that the water will reach the 135 meters high in the city of Lisbon.

Idalina says that her mother´s house who lives in Mato-Cheirinhos, near Tires will be partially damaged by the waters that will come from the sea. Also it affirms that the waters will flood the Portuguese coast only until Ericeira, but starting from Santa Cruz and up to the Peniche Peninsula, the huge force of the wave will be reduced and will disintegrate towards the Atlantic Ocean, Idalina is not foreseeing them go further north.

In case of Mato – Cheirinhos, Idalina, knows that it will not be a wave that will hit this town, but the invasion of the waters will be a resultant force of the gradual ascent of the waters.

Other predictions

We reckon then that something is going to obstruct this progression, something emerging from the sea. It will make sense, what Carla Batista wrote in the article that the “APO” published with the name “ Annael and the new continent ”, new lands will be formed in front of Portugal.

Edgar Cayce says that Spain will be a high land. Lorie Toye, in his map which begun spreading in the 80s, affirms that Portugal will be going to stretch out to the sea more of 200Km of land.

Immediate Measures to take

Idalina says that the Mother brought her like first priority that the persons, should begin to have maps with ways for safe places, points of meeting for the families, evacuation plans, emergency plans and train this with the children and with elderly. The families should designate places where they would be meeting.

Several other actions should be taken, like for instance getting first aid kits, potable water bottles, eaten emergency food, canned goods clothing, coats. Mother states that there will not be any telephone service and not even media for a while. Mother has indicated to Idalina that the people must try to have non perishable goods, preparing for the coming of the floods and disorganization of the means of production.

Fátima, centre of the religious world

Fátima situated 130 Km the North of Lisbon, Portugal where in 1917 there was one of the most media covered Marian apparitions will be according to Mother, the centre of the world in religious terms, and will not be like it is now (in terms of catholic doctrine), but it will be different, with the passage of the evidence, for the new era. The Portuguese people were the elected ones and Fátima will be the centre of the world, spiritually speaking.

Idalina advances with the idea that the future preacher of a religion will be a woman who lives in Portugal, (she does not know if she was born in Portugal), born in 1992, this lady will preach the energy of the Mother, who comes to substitute the energy of Jesus. This lady makes part of a group of other five to seven persons who will in turn make part of the team preaching the future religion. Idalina, in the messages that she receives, tells that she also received an entity which she calls Jesus and He told her that « you did not hear anything of that I said, you forgot to look, you only caught what interested you, and you took my messages and used them for your own use, you hid the knowledge, I came again to prepare the way of this cycle what you are living.

The New religion after the passage of the evidence

The new religion that this Lady will be going to preach has to do with the multiplicity, with the diversity, with the acceptance of everything and of all the religions that each one of us up to now were saying it was different, that had different names, but that the essence is the same.

Up to now the persons were fighting for words. The Christian Love of God´s Father’s is the same as the God´s Father of the Muslims Allah, and is the same as a God´s Father of the Buddhists and is the same as a God´s Father of all the other religions.


Before following the road of spreading this long report of six hours with Idalina Oliveira, I organized my thoughts and joined many pieces of the vast array of events that several persons have been bringing to me recently, related to what they have been feeling, regarding the cataclysms that may affect our planet.

When Idalina speaks of the mulatto Lady, I must point out that the patron of Brazil, is the “Holy Lady of Aparecida” represented as a mulatto Lady.

In order for us to relate these severity predictions of transforming nature with similar ones, it comes to my mind the
“Holy Lady of Águas de Pau”
in Azores, Portugal, well described in our site under “Marian Apparitions”, “Águas de Pau”, Azores. « To everyone´s astonishment the large opaque cloud had now the form of an European country, England. After the sound of “ some explosions ” the phenomenon disappeared.

As stated by the investigator Paulo Cosmelli, in his presentation, Our Lady would have alerted the pilgrims for the earthquake that would take place on the next day, as well as for future catastrophes. »

We see in the above passage, that there was an announcement of something that would be going to take place, something which came true next day, it was an earthquake measuring 5.8 degrees in the Ritcher scale.

Also in “Aguas de Pau” there was an abnormal sound, was it something similar to that explosion which was heard on Thursday, March 7th 2009, when the fire balls finished their travelling between Paço D’Arcos and Carcavelos, Portugal?

External Pressure

On Wednesday, April 1st 2009, early in the morning, at my office when I sat down in front of my desk, I began to feel something that I found unusual. Something or someone was pressing me, a presence was around me and was repeating constantly the words, “it is necessary that the article is published, is necessary that the article is published, the people have to be informed, it is necessary that the article goes out in order that the people take precautions, is necessary that the article goes out, is necessary that the article goes out, it is necessary that the article goes out, the people have to be informed”. “It is necessary that the people be informed about what will be going to happen and to be prepared. It is necessary that you two (Idalina Oliveira and Luís Aparício) understand each other. Phone Her, phone Her, phone Her”. This force exerted on me a very gentle energy of kindness, it was something that I had never felt before, something very loving, something very maternalistic.

This presence stayed with me since I arrived at the office and only stopped pressing me when I called Idalina around noon hour. I feel that I was a target of external pressures, but it was a very loving and delicate coercion. I am almost certain that it was something of womanly origin, imposing that this article was published.

In the Article that we published under the name « Annael and the new continent » as told by abducted Carla Batista, she reported to us her visions of the rise of a new continent right in front of the Portuguese coast. These drastic changes portray situations that are the same as the ones shown to Idalina Oliveira by The Mother.

What shall we do? ‘We recommend that you visit the website of AVERT Portugal for more information on disaster preparedness.’

We recommend that you also visit website of Serviço Nacional de Bombeiros e Protecção Civil, to be prepared to face catastrophes.

Luís Aparício

Josef Leão


Depois de publicarmos este artigo o nosso leitor Nuno Carvalho do Brasil, fez-nos chegar indicações que o site Apelos Urgentes que trata da aparição mariana da Fazenda da Malhada Nova em Anguerra, perto de S. Salvador no Brasil, também já tinha publicado mensagens de natureza catastrófica para o Brasil e para outras partes da Terra.

Depois de ler estas mensagens da Senhora da Fazenda da Malhada Nova, quando Ela fala em Nice, lembro-me daquilo que a Idalina disse, que Nice também será afectada.


Mensagem de Nossa Senhora, n° 2.531

04.06.2005 21:00:00

Queridos filhos, sois do Senhor e a nada deveis temer. Rezai muito e entregai ao Senhor a vossa própria existência. Afastai-vos do pecado e dizei o vosso sim ao chamado do Senhor. A varíola será usada como arma contra uma nação pelos homens de barba grande. O sofrimento será grande para muitos.

O vosso Brasil também sofrerá com a vinda da onda gigante. Uma região do Brasil viverá momentos de angústia. Rezai. Pedi ao Senhor misericórdia Vós que estais a escutar- Me, confiai em Minha especial proteção. Não recueis. Não temais. Esta é a mensagem que hoje vos transmito em nome da Santíssima Trindade. Obrigada por Me terdes permitido reunir-vos aqui por mais uma vez. Eu vos abençôo em nome do Pai, do Filho e do Espírito Santo. Amém. Ficai em paz.


Mensagem de Nossa Senhora, n° 2.573

10.09.2005 21:00:00

Queridos filhos, dai o melhor de vós na missão que o Senhor vos confiou. Não fiqueis de braços cruzados. Eis o tempo da grande batalha espiritual. Sede fortes. A humanidade caminha para o abismo da destruição e é chegado o momento de vos converterdes.

A Turquia experimentará grande dor. Grande será o sofrimento para muitos dos Meus pobres filhos. Não vos afasteis da oração. Será na Costa Leste. A onda gigante causará grande destruição. A águia sofrerá novamente. Esta é a mensagem que hoje vos transmito em nome da Santíssima Trindade. Obrigada por Me terdes permitido reunir-vos aqui por mais uma vez. Eu vos abençôo, em nome do Pai, do Filho e do Espírito Santo. Amém. Ficai em paz.


Mensagem de Nossa Senhora, n° 2.641

14.02.2006 21:00:00

Queridos filhos, uma montanha gigante viajará pelo Pacífico em alta velocidade e causará grande destruição em muitas regiões. Dobrai vossos joelhos em oração. Somente por meio da oração encontrareis força para suportardes o peso das provações que já estão a caminho.

Eu quero ajudar-vos. Não cruzeis os braços. Sede mansos e humildes de coração e acolhei com amorosidade os Meus apelos. O que digo deve ser levado a sério. Madagascar e Búzios experimentarão pesada cruz. Semelhante sofrimento experimentarão os habitantes de Nice. A sua beleza chegará ao fim. Esta é a mensagem que hoje vos transmito em nome da Santíssima Trindade. Obrigada por Me terdes permitido reunir-vos aqui por mais uma vez. Eu vos abençôo em nome do Pai, do Filho e do Espírito Santo. Amém. Ficai em paz.

Juntamos igualmente extractos de outras mensagens recentes. A leitura destes resumos deverá também implicar a leitura das mensagens completas que estão disponíveis no site dos Apelos Urgentes.


3.152- Mensagem de Nossa Senhora transmitida em 25/04/2009

Viveis no tempo das dores. Dias difíceis virão para os Meus pobres filhos. A cruz será pesada para os habitantes da Venezuela. Fato semelhante acontecerá no Chile.


3.151- Mensagem de Nossa Senhora transmitida em Brasília/DF em 21/04/2009

Muito perto de vós será encontrado um grande tesouro. Para muitos será motivo de sofrimento


3.150- Mensagem de Nossa Senhora transmitida no Jardim Ingá/GO

O Paquistão beberá o cálice amargo do sofrimento e os Meus pobres filhos hão de chorar e lamentar.


3.149- Mensagem de Nossa Senhora transmitida em 18/04/2009

Depois da grande tribulação a terra será transformada e tudo será diferente. As coisas que hoje contemplais deixarão de existir. Tudo será novo. Transformados, homens e mulheres justos habitarão a terra. Tudo isso virá depois do grande sinal, que será a última chance para a conversão da humanidade.


3.148- Mensagem de Nossa Senhora transmitida em 17/04/2009

um rei orgulhoso dividirá a Igreja. Suas ordens serão obedecidas e o precioso será lançado fora. A grande confusão espiritual está a caminho.


3.147- Mensagem de Nossa Senhora transmitida em 14/04/2009

A humanidade beberá o cálice amargo do sofrimento. O sofrimento também chegará à Terra de Santa Cruz. Em muitas regiões, a terra se partirá e grandes fendas surgirão. Muitos lugares que hoje contemplais deixarão de existir.


3.146- Mensagem de Nossa Senhora transmitida em 11/04/2009

chegará o dia em que os homens abraçarão a fé e aceitarão a mensagem do Meu Filho Jesus. A terra será transformada e haverá grande felicidade no coração dos Meus pobres filhos. Será este o tempo do Triunfo do Meu Imaculado Coração. Aquilo que Eu vos predisse no passado vai realizar-se.


3.144- Mensagem de Nossa Senhora transmitida em 07/04/2009

A Europa se tornará pobre espiritualmente e materialmente. Nações desaparecerão e os Meus pobres filhos hão de carregar pesada cruz. O pior ainda virá.


3.142- Mensagem de Nossa Senhora/Cidade de S. Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro/RJ.


Um fato grandioso se dará em Roma. Buscarão explicação, mas não encontrarão.


3.143- Mensagem de Nossa Senhora transmitida em 04/04/2009

Estais atentos aos sinais de Deus. Chegará o dia em que todos os homens serão tocados e muitos regressarão. Deus vos ama e vos espera com imenso amor de Pai. Depois de toda tribulação não haverá mais sofrimento sobre a terra. Deus transformará tudo e os justos hão de contemplar aquilo que os olhos humanos jamais viram.


3.142- Mensagem de Nossa Senhora/Cidade de S. Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro/RJ. 31/03/2009

Um fato grandioso se dará em Roma. Buscarão explicação, mas não encontrarão.


3.141- Mensagem de Nossa Senhora transmitida em São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro/RJ em 29/03/2009

A humanidade será transformada e os homens verão os prodígios do Senhor. Deus se manifestará com grandes sinais para que os homens se arrependam e se voltem à Sua graça. O Senhor permitirá e os homens verão no céu do Brasil. Será a grande chance para a conversão dos homens e mulheres desta terra.


3.140- Mensagem de Nossa Senhora Rainha da Paz transmitida em 28/03/2009

Chegará o dia em que a bandeira da morte estará sobre o palácio.


3.137- Mensagem de Nossa Senhora Rainha da Paz transmitida em 21/03/2009

Um acidente na Itália causará sofrimento e dor aos Meus pobres filhos.
Nota: A de 6 de Abril 2009-04-28, houve um terramoto que afectou a cidade de L´Aquila, capital da região de Abruzzo, causou 295 mortes e deixou a cerca de 60 mil desalojados. Será este o acidente anunciado dias antes?


3.134- Mensagem de Nossa Senhora Rainha da Paz transmitida em 14/03/2009

Dias virão em que o terror se espalhará pelo Brasil. Fatos assombrosos se darão e os Meus pobres filhos hão de chorar e lamentar. Tudo aquilo que Eu vos anunciei no passado vai realizar-se.


3.126- Mensagem de Nossa Senhora Rainha da Paz transmitida em 24/02/2009

Rezai pela Igreja. O grande sofrimento da Igreja virá por meio do poder político. Leis serão criadas para impedir a ação da Igreja. Em muitos lugares templos serão destruídos e os cristãos hão de chorar e lamentar. Sofro por aquilo que vos espera.


3.125- Mensagem de Nossa Senhora Rainha da Paz transmitida em 21/02/2009

Cairá do céu, na terra de Santa Cruz, e os homens não terão explicação. Levai a sério aquilo que vem do Senhor. Estais atentos aos Seus


3.122- Mensagem de Nossa Senhora Rainha da Paz 14/02/2009

Tendes ainda um longo caminho de sofrimento e dor. A terra passará por grandes transformações. Depois da grande tribulação, o Senhor se manifestará e os justos receberão sua recompensa.


3.120- Mensagem de Nossa Senhora Rainha da Paz 10/02/2009, transmitida em Samambaia – DF

A morte passará pela Bahia e os Meus pobres filhos experimentarão pesada cruz.


3.117- Mensagem de Nossa Senhora Rainha da Paz 03/02/2009

Um doloroso acontecimento chamará a atenção do mundo. Virá das profundezas e será provocado pelos homens.


3.115- Mensagem de Nossa Senhora Rainha da Paz 27/01/2009

A morte passará por vários países da Europa. Os Meus pobres filhos gritarão por socorro, mas estarão sozinhos.


3.114- Mensagem de Nossa Senhora Rainha da Paz 25/01/2009- Comunidade do Batatan/ Maragogipe/BA .

A humanidade beberá o cálice amargo do sofrimento quando vier o grande ao encontro das águas. Os Meus pobres filhos hão de chorar e lamentar. Continentes desaparecerão. O deserto deixará de ser deserto. Sofro por causa dos vossos sofrimentos.


Mensagem de Nossa Senhora nº 3.113 transmitida dia 24 de Janeiro de 2009

o choque entre dois gigantes no universo provocará grandes danos à terra. Fogo cairá do céu e muitas regiões da terra serão atingidas.


Mensagem de Nossa Senhora nº 3.112 transmitida dia 23 de Janeiro de 2009

Os homens sábios serão surpreendidos: um incêndio devastador se dará no interior da terra e muitos experimentarão pesada cruz.


Mensagem de Nossa Senhora nº 3.111 transmitida dia 20 de Janeiro de 2009 em Juazeiro do Norte/CE

Na festa de um grande santo acontecerá um grande sinal no Céu da Europa. Os homens não terão explicação.


Mensagem de Nossa Senhora nº 3.110 transmitida dia 17 de Janeiro de 2009

A humanidade ainda enfrentará sua maior provação. Rezai. Somente por meio na oração podeis alcançar vitória. Aquilo que os homens constroem nas profundezas causará grande destruição.


Mensagem de Nossa Senhora nº 3.109 transmitida dia 15 de Janeiro de 2009

O grande cometa virá e causará grande destruição.


Mensagem de Nossa Senhora nº 3.108, Anguera/BA, 13 de Janeiro de 2009

a humanidade carregará a cruz do sofrimento e os Meus pobres filhos hão de chorar e lamentar. Nas grandes tribulações, nações inteiras desaparecerão e os lugares desertos se tornarão refúgios para os homens. O Senhor dará o grande aviso.


Mensagem de Nossa Senhora nº 3.107, Anguera/BA, 10 de Janeiro de 2009

A humanidade caminha para a destruição preparada pelas próprias mãos dos homens. Os homens levarão ao interior da terra aquilo que será o motivo da destruição de muitas regiões.


Mensagem de Nossa Senhora nº 3.106, Anguera/BA, 07 de Janeiro de 2009

A grande luz será visível no hemisfério sul. Se os homens não se converterem, cairá fogo do céu e grande parte da humanidade será destruída. O que vos anunciei no passado vai realizar-se.


Mensagem de Nossa Senhora nº 3.102

Caminhais para um futuro de grandes provações. A humanidade caminha para o abismo da destruição que os homens prepararam por suas próprias mãos. Sofro por causa dos vossos sofrimentos. A vossa cruz será pesada. Por meio da água virá para os homens sofrimento e dor. Gritos de desespero se ouvirão por todos os lados. Não vos afasteis do caminho que vos tenho indicado.

Num artigo publicado no site da APO com o nome «CIENTISTAS RUSSOS ESTUDAM FENOMENAL GAROTO ÍNDIGO», sobre um rapaz super dotado russo, chamado Boriska que afirmou numa das suas entrevistas: «Sobre o futuro do planeta, ele adverte que a Terra passará por duas situações muito perigosas nos anos de 2009 e 2013, com a ocorrência de catástrofes relacionadas à água».
Igualmente Lobsang Rampa e Edgar Cayce predisseram que a Terra iria sofrer várias catástrofes.

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