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When my Grandmother past away, I was left a small chest including it’s contents. Inside this chest was a letter to me from my Grandpa who had past away earlier, and this object. The letter said that he had received this object from his sister who lived near Roswell, NM in the 1940’s. She mailed it to him when she was diagnosed with cancer. The letter that she sent with this object said that she had been at the UFO crash site and secretly took this piece from the site before the Army arrived and took over the crash site. She went on to say that she got cancer shortly after visiting the crash site and she blamed it on the debris from the UFO. She also said that this object must never be made public, because the U.S. Government would take it away! She past away a year after getting cancer.

Well to continue with the letter from my Grandpa to me. Your Grandma and I have kept my sister’s secret for our lives, and now with our deaths, we pass this responsibility on to you. You were always interested in UFO’s and Aliens, so we feel you will make the right decisions in regards to this object. We know that you will do the right thing with this priceless Alien object.

Well that pretty much sums up the history behind this object. I can tell you that over the years my Grandpa always blamed his sisters death on Aliens, but he never discussed why he felt this way. Now, I know the truth! My Grandpa never talked about Aliens, UFO’s, or the object except in regards to his sisters death from cancer. As far as I know, only my Great Aunt, My Grandpa and Grandma, and now my family have ever seen this object. You may ask can I gaurantee that the object is actually Alien in origin? No, I can not not. My grandparents never showed or discussed the object while they were alive, and therefore never offered any proof to the objects origin. I have decided to let the members of Ebay determine the value of this object by placing it up for sale on Ebay. As quoted from the X-Files:

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Luís Aparício

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